Selected Samples of Clay Art
by Wendy S. Timm


Current Series: 

Nativity  Scene by Wendy S. Timm

Specialty Ensembles: Inspired by special events, holidays or seasonal activities, these groupings come straight from the artist's imagination. Individually constructed using the slab method, they are high fired using stoneware glazes and stains.

Bobcat storyteller, stoneware sculpture by Wendy S. Timm

Story-Tellers: Native American potters are well-known for their story-teller figures…usually a female figure with small children. These charming and imaginative pieces are a one-of-a-kind originals created in high-fire stoneware. 10"-18" high.

crab sculpture by Wendy Timm 

Animal Forms: Lifelike sculptural pieces, serious to whimsical, are largely inspired by animals of the southwest such as javelina, tortoises, and cottontail rabbits.

Stoneware Plaque by Wendy Timm  

Wall Plaques and Wall-Mounted Sculpture: Stoneware clay is used to create one of a kind "shard" shapes with petroglyph inspired designs. Sculptural forms have built-in "key holes" for safe mounting on walls.

Armed Javelina ©W.S.Timm

Militia Series: This whimsical series incorporates realistically sculpted desert creatures juxtaposed in today's warfaring society. Armed with weaponry ranging from uzis to six-shooters, "arming the innocent" takes on a new meaning, not to mention the concept of "food chain!"

horned toad ocarina by Wendy Timm

 Sculptural Series: Individual pieces are created with stoneware clay utilizing hand-building methods and kiln-fired to 2250°. Work ranges from large to small, and indoor or outdoor, but all are one of a kind in craftsmanship and design.

Past Series:

bunny rattle by Wendy Timm Ceremonial Pipes and Rattles: High-fired stoneware, colored with oxides. Based on ancient Indian pipes and rattles which were used for ceremonial purposes, her decorative (but still functional) versions are typically adorned with lizards and other southwest animals.
gargolyes in clay ©W.S.Timm Gothic Series: Medieval, Gothic and Baroque art history inspired this series of Gargoyle pieces, which are formed using the slab method of construction and are either high-fired to cone 10 or raku fired.
Horse Pot ©W.S.Timm Warlord Series: Mostly raku, these designs are based on science-fiction and historical research, and include battle helmets, sculptural busts, relief carvings and vessels.


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